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Odd Birds

Get ready to be transported beyond your wildest dreams…and worst nightmares. Discover strangers and their stranger pastimes, things that lurk in shadow and darkness, screams cut short, and madness and melancholy, in these twisted tales–and tales with twists. Odd Birds is a short story collection with a little something for everyone.

Available now on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.
Originally published in Outer Darkness, 1998.
A story by Joel Reeves, “What Child Is This?” is featured in this anthology published by Grinning Skull Press.

Featured Works

Ever worry about what might happen if the all-powerful magic Orb fell into the wrong hands? Of Quills and Kings is a fantasy adventure and the first book in the Quillogy featuring Prince Jonathan Quintain and his battle with Walpole, a telepathic demon hedgehog bent on world domination.

Walpole, that prickly fellow with the astonishing mind, boundless potential, bad attitude, and diabolical agenda, is back and this time he ain’t taking prisoners. Walpole Unbound is available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

The final days are upon us. Walpole, his quills badly singed and his ego slightly bruised, pulls out all the stops this time, determined to enslave humanity, gain immortality, and claim his proper place in history at last. Dreams, Schemes, and Spiny Machines is the exciting final book in the Walpole Quillogy and is available on Amazon, at Double Dragon Press, or anywhere fine books are sold.

About Me

I am a teacher and author living in Northern Lower Michigan with my family and our guard animals, Penguin and Big Chungas, neither of which is a hedgehog.  My short stories have been published in several anthologies including Tales of the Unanticipated and Return to Deathlehem.  My rollicking fantasy Quillogy, Of Quills and Kings, Walpole Unbound, and Dreams, Schemes, and Spiny Machines— featuring a demented demon hedgehog—is available through Double Dragon Press.  One of my screenplays, Midnight Dreary, a biographical drama about Edgar Allan Poe, was a winner in the Wildsound screenwriting competition.  

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